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Outreach & Teaching

Upcoming Engagement Activities

  • Join us for an afternoon of experimenting and creating in the industrial setting of Leeds Industrial Museum, Armley Mills, 8th April 2022 HERE
  • Lorna is presenting at the International Women's Day Symposium on the 8-9th March 2022 HERE
  • Check out our new website to Create Materials Innovation HERE
  • Read all about our EPSRC-funded Bragg Centre Creative Labs project HERE
  • Watch a film by Paul Wyatt about our research group's collaboration with artist Sonja Andrew as part of the Creative Labs HERE
  • Budding artists and scientists alike, join us for this live make-along to discover a world where science and art collide and make a masterpiece! WATCH HERE
  • Find out all about our Royal Academy Engineering-funded Maker Kits here HERE
  • A collaboration with artist Dr Sonja Andrew Find our more here
  • Our new LOOminaries worksheet with STFC is HERE! !
  • An ISIS neutron & muon facility Science Highlight of our research is HERE! !
  • Invitation to speak at the Heriot-Watt Engineering and Physical Sciences Science Communication & Outreach Panel
  • Otley Science Cafe, invited talk on Bragg Centre Creative Labs HERE
  • Science Council Sound Cloud PODCAST
  • Meet the researcher: Cultural connections Leeds Alumni webinar series and webinar HERE
  • Virtual water journal club SIP programme
  • Bragg Centre Creative Labs Artist-Scientist Collaboration  CREATIVE LABS
  • International Women in Engineering Day  gallery of LOOminaries  HERE!
  • National Saturday Art Club, June 2020 Arts-science Workshop
  • Get Creative At Home national campaign LOOminaries activity
  • University of Leeds Be Curious Goes Virtual festival with an activity about Who inspires you?
  • National Bags of Creativity Project STEM creativity project
  • Bradford Science Festival Sustainability in the City Virtual activity
  • Pint of Science Creative Reactions at The Tetley, October 2020
  • Inaugural lecture, University of Leeds, Tbd

Upcoming Invited Talks

  • International Women's Day Symposium on the 8-9th March 2022
  • High Polymer Research Group, Polymers in Extreme Environments, April 2022
  • RESOLV Summer School Solvation Science Lecture Series in Bochum, June 2022
  • Disordered Materials User Group Meeting and Data Analysis Workshop, June 2022
  • British Biophysical Society meeting, Galway, Ireland, June 2022

The LOOminaries

Who inspires you? Who inspires other people? Introducing the LOOminaries - People who inspire or influence others, made using a cardboard toilet roll tube. This project began in March 2020 and is a partnership with Dr Paul Beales (Chemistry). With the help of the public, the LOOminaries are growing! Check out the LOOminaries gallery


Bragg Centre Creative Labs

In partnership with Dr Scott McLaughlin (School of Music), the Leeds Creative Labs Bragg Centre edition will create a unique community of like-minded scientists, engineers, arts & humanities researchers and artists across the University of Leeds to explore and create innovation in materials design. It will facilitate the development of interdisciplinary research programmes which support research impact and public engagement. Supported by the Cultural Institute and the world-leading experimental and analytical facilities of the Bragg Centre, the Leeds Creative Labs at the Bragg Centre will create a vibrant environment where novel ideas can flourish and be supported. You can watch a video about the Leeds Creative Labs here.

The Biophysics Design Project

The Biophysics Design Project

The Biophysics Design Project

The BioPhysics Design Project is a collaborative project to explore the physics of living systems using unconventional approaches. By using creative design as a tool to investigate the structure, mechanics and interactions of biological building blocks, new representations and understanding of biological systems are uncovered. This novel approach provides a fresh and alternative viewpoint of otherwise complex biological systems and uncovers surprising scientific insight which would not be possible with conventional approaches. Find out more about The Biophysics Design Project

Pint of Science - Life on the edge, May 2016

Life is simply amazing. Over millennia humans have tried to understand and explain its origins. Today this process goes on in the laboratories of scientists across the world. Join us for this night where eminent researchers from the University of Leeds will talk about the latest research exploring the fundamentals of life and how it can exist in the most extreme of environments. The event takes place on the first floor function room at O'Neill's pub in Leeds

Biochemical Society - Diversity in Science Grant 2016

Thanks to funding from the Biochemical Society we are taking part in a textiles collaboration with artists and makers Andy Wilson, Rhiannon Gregory and Paul Turner. We are contrasting the methods and mathematics behind weaving and textile production with that of protein sequences and how these inform their function. We are creating a collection of woven patterns, inspired by the amino-acid sequences of cold-shock proteins from extremophile organisms. As part of the project, we are making use of weaving looms, working out how to transliterate amino-acid sequences to peg plans in non-arbitrary ways, and are even looking at constructing a custom loom. You can find out more at the BioLeeds website and in this report in the Biochemist magazine

The Astbury Conversation, April 2016

More than 250 eminent researchers from all over the world attended the Astbury Conversation, the first international event of its kind at the University, dedicated to the subject of molecular biology. The two-day event began with an academic symposium which was followed by a public exhibition showcasing the research and technologies used in the University’s Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology.

Recent Invited Talks

  • The 5th N8 Biophysical and Biochemical Symposium, January 2020
  • School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Edinburgh, March 2020
  • Physics of Life Summer School, Durham, July 2019
  • International Soft Matter Conference, Edinburgh, June 2019
  • Extreme Biophysics Research Coordination Network, New York, December 2018
  • Yorkshire Philosophical Society, York, February 2018
  • ISIS Neutron and Muon User meeting, Warwick, July 2016
  • RMS Scanning Probe Microscopy Meeting, Warwick, July 2016
  • Soft Comp annual meeting, Ancona, Italy, June 2016
  • University of Sheffield, Physics department, May 2016
  • Physics of Life, From Molecules to Systems Winter School, Oxford, UK, January 2016
  • Deep Carbon Observatory Workshop on Extreme Biophysics: Molecular Adaptation to Life at the Extremes, Washington DC, USA, November 2015